January (myfarewells) wrote in wind_syllables,

requests ♥

... Okay, so technically 24 and maybe not a whole lot but still more than I was ever expecting, so thank you to everyone! ♥

And in spirit of that + the upcoming holiday season (or Thanksgiving, for all the Americans) + another icon batch about to go up, I'm doing requests. /o/

❖ Requests can be up to 3 icons
❖ High quality scans, please o/;
❖ Doesn't necessarily have to be a manga colouring, b-but I'm assuming that's what most people are here for
❖ Any series welcome! Preferably one I'm familiar with, but not a requirement since I. Don't have much variety yet >>;
❖ C-Currently no slot limit because ffff I don't know if anyone will actually be interested

Again, thank you to everyone~♥
Tags: !requests
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