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requests ♥

Forgive me for the hastily-coloured banner and technically 99 watchers but shhhhhhhhh NEVER MIND ILU JAE—

a;sdlasdasd you guys. ;////; Thank you to everyone who's watching this community; I appreciate it! ♥ And so, in celebration of this milestone, I'm doing icon requests again. /o/

Requests: CLOSED

❖ you should be a watcher of the comm. o/ I won't necessarily deny your request if you aren't, but, uh, don't expect me to track you down when I put them up.
❖ requests can be up to 2 icons.
❖ high quality scans, please!
❖ reserves are allowed. o/ Just make sure to give me the image(s) within about... two days?
❖ I might ask you to choose another image, though this will probably only happen if you happen to pick one that I coloured for a friend once. Sorry in advance! o/;
❖ max. number of slots may be extended, depending on how many requests I get (BECAUSE GOSH MY FRIENDS ARE GREEDY PEOPLE—I mean. ilu guys ♥). |D; ... This is becoming more and more likely.

I can't make any guarantees on how soon I'll be able to complete these, what with school and all, but I'll do my best to get them out as soon as possible. o/ Again, thank you to everyone! ♥
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