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~wind syllables
a graphics journal
o12 (requests; part 1) 
8th-Nov-2011 04:32 pm
Total Icon Count: 32
[13] Shareable requests [+19 variations]

Shareable Requests

notspecific tsunabelle
kalisona celestial_m00n classicalgirl1325
classicalgirl1325 sweetheartened enfacade
enfacade jadeemperor
jadeemperor pinkified

alsklasdasd I'm sorry that this is taking forever and a half. I've kind of hit a colouring slump, which I blame school for, so I'm doing these at a snail's pace sob.

To those whose icons I haven't finished yet: no worries, I'm still doing all of them! o/;; Just figured I should get these out instead of making everyone wait. If you'd rather have yours sooner or later, then just tell me here. /o/

Also, if there's anything you'd like fixed, just tell me here too. ♥

And finally, cherryis, shelliana, countervalue, and panpirate: you guys still need to give me your images. |D

Resources can be found here.
◦ colette — i.
13th-Nov-2011 08:43 pm (UTC)
I'm super late with my reply but ahhhh, your icons are beautiful, I love mine so much ♥♥♥! And don't worry, I don't mind waiting for lovely icons like these ♥! Good luck with everything~
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